Close Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV installation is the most cost effective way to monitor, protect and secure your property against vandalism, theft and accidental damage with well designed surveillance systems.

Though there are many types of security devices on the market, well designed surveillance systems are both a preventative measure and a tool for recourse in the event of your theft or damage.

Your CCTV installation will give you the peace of mind to know that when something does happen on your property, the footage from your surveillance system can be given to the police to apprehend the correct offenders or insurance company.

Completely securing your property against theft and loss of productivity makes your investment in your surveillance system seem modest.


Your well designed surveillance system will monitor the public & your staff movement very well.

Your CCTV installation will help with the capture of your shoplifters while they are in the act, and it will help your company in managing your internal theft. Shoplifting accounts for about one-quarter of all shrinkage for companies.

Did you know that employee theft accounts for an even higher percentage of the typical company loss than shoplifting?

It is not just security (as stated above) that your CCTV installation will help your company with. Many production lines or operations are inefficient or have opportunities for improved processes.

With your surveillance system, your company can monitor your production lines and your personnel to study and evaluate areas that can be improved. The use of your surveillance system allows you to do this without getting in the way or micromanaging.

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